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What is CLS Shopping?
CLS Shopping is more than a price comparison site. We are completely independent from your local market, helping shoppers save 12% on average on each grocery shop. Our free to use site aims to help shoppers save money and also our customer valuable time on their shop.

Why should you use CLS Shopping?
CLS Shopping are well known for regularly changing their prices making it almost impossible for shoppers to ensure they get the best value on their weekly shop. The differences in price for your favourite products can be huge and can add up to be a big saving. CLS Shopping helps you compare prices ensuring you never pay more than you have to. Our shoppers save on average 12% on every shop.

How does CLS Shopping work?
CLS Shopping collects prices directly from the main customer's local market and we update our site daily, which means that we have all the latest prices and promotions available for you.

Just like you would with any other online shopping, you can use us to fill your basket with products. While you shop, we compare your basket in all the retailers and give you the option to switch your basket to the cheaper shopping. If your prefer not to switch to a cheaper shopping then you can continue saving money through our smart swaps suggestions and replacements to help you save even more money by buying products that have a Price Per Unit (PPU).

If you prefer shopping or comparing prices on the go then you can download our app (Android) to check prices wherever you are. 1700+ people have downloaded the CLS Shopping app so far.

What are the benefits of using mySupermarket?
CLS Shopping helps shoppers save on average 12% on their grocery shop by comparing thousands of products and suggesting cheaper alternatives. We are an impartial, free to use comparison website to find the best online deals, offers and vouchers.

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